How much money will I make running a Laserforce centre?

This question is very important. Any attraction can make money fast if it’s running at capacity. The key is to run at capacity as often as possible.

The more hours per week you run at capacity, the more money you make. For example, imagine you’ve bought a 30-suit Laserforce system. And assume that you run a game that lasts the recommended 7 minutes and 30 seconds. This enables you to run at least five games per hour and sell 150 tickets per hour. Given that, for common currencies, the average price per game is US$7, Euro 5 or AUD$7.50, you can now calculate the maximum amount you can earn per game.

Generally, an average 30-suit site should have 1500-2500 players per week, though our busiest sites see more than 4000 players per week.

Income per hourRemember, the key to success is repeat play. Therefore, your utilisation rate depends on some important factors, which Laserforce focuses on providing, including:

  • effective marketing tools to get people in the door
  • great strategies to encourage people to buy multiple games
  • strong game play and incentives to ensure players return to your site
  • an efficient system and staff who can get games through quickly
  • exceptional reliability to ensure that you operate at peak with happy customers


Expenses versus profit

Income and profitThe pie chart shows the expenses breakdown for a profitable Laserforce site. The major expenses are wages (approximately 25 per cent of gross takings) and rent (which should not exceed 25 per cent of gross takings. Other expenses include electricity, insurance and advertising.

An efficient site will achieve 15-40 per cent profit after management wages but before tax, interest and depreciation.